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Date: 10th May 2016
Rubber Crusher Machine
Shenghualong Rubber Machinery is one of the leading rubber crusher machine manufacturers and suppliers in China,Website:http://www.shenghualong.net, we are able to offer you cheap rubber crusher machine made in China and welcome to check the price with us.STRUCTURAL FEATURES:The roll is made of chilled cast iron of vanadium and titanium alloy. The surface is rigid and anti-wear. The internal cavity is processed to ensure a well-proportioned temperature on the roll face. Only the back roll is fluted.The machine is equipped with an overload protection device to prevent the major components from being damaged due to overloading.The machine is also equipped with an emergency device. When an emergent accident happens, just draw the pull-rod, and the machine will stop immediately. It is safe and reliable.The transmission system may adopt either a NGW planetary hardened-gear speed reducer or an inverted-Y speed reducer, both of which are compactly structured with features of low noise, high efficiency and a long service life.The base of the machine is a complete framework or a combined framework of cast piece, which is convenient for installation.APPLICATION:The machine is applicable for breaking scrap rubber and virgin rubber.Model & SpecificationsXKP-400XKP-450XKP-560AXKP-560BWorking Diameter of Front Roll (mm)400450560560Working Diameter of Back Roll (mm)400450510510Working Length of F. & B. Rolls (mm)80080080080010001000??Linear Speed of Front Roll (m/min)19.32325.926.7Linear Speed Ratio of F. & B. Rolls1:1.271:1.271:1.281:1.28Maximum Nip10101515Capacity (Kg/h)300400450500Main Motor ModelY280M-8Y280M-6Y315S-6Y315M1-8Motor Power?KW?45557590Motor Rotating Speed ?r/min)740980980740Speed ReducerNGW Planetary Hardened-gear Speed ReducerInverted-Y Speed ReducerNGW Planetary Hardened-gear Speed ReducerReduction Ratio3847.1811.634.65Overall DimensionsLength4490557547905500