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Date: 10th May 2016
Frame Plate Vulcanizing Press
Shenghualong Rubber Machinery is one of the leading frame plate vulcanizing press manufacturers and suppliers in China,Website:http://www.shenghualong.net, we are able to offer you cheap frame plate vulcanizing press made in China and welcome to check the price with us.1.Introduction of Frame Type Plate Vulcanizer1). It is controlled by PLC and touch screen for manual control and auto control. The auto control can realize many auto works such as mould closing, air exhausting, temperature control, vulcanization timing, alarming and discharging load when mould opening etc; the touch screen will timely show the temperature of the heating platen at each heating zone.2) .The hydraulic cylinder is made of ZG270-500, the ram is made of close-grained chilled alloy cast iron by casting and fine grinding; the hydraulic cylinder is well sealed by YX shape sealing ring.3).The guard edge of heating platen adopts hydraulic pressure automatic prop up iron, under the function of four oil cylinder, the iron cushion at two sides of the lower platen will advance and retreat at the same time; there are anti-superpose iron cushion device at the two sides of platen.4) .There is a set of valve group of temperature adjuster on each heating area for the platen. Under the controlling of PLC, it can guarantee the even temperature of each heating area.5) .Hydraulic pressure system: We adopt the famous brand hydraulic pressure station from the domestic and abroad, under the controlling of PLC, it can realize the auto mould closing, air exhausting and load discharging when opening mould.2.Features of Plate Vulcanizing Machine?1).With completely sealed condition, materials are mixed or plasticated under certain pressure, controllable temperature, which makes high production efficiency and obtains excellent stable quality.2).Spiral angle and over lapping length of the blades of the rotors are of reasonable design and make the materials to be dispersed uniformly.3).Surface where is contacted with the materials are all plated with hard chromium and polished, which is corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant.4).Jacket construction is adopted in parts that surfaces contacted with materials to achieve excellent water-cooling or steam heating effect and fit in with the needs of plastics and rubber processing technology.5).Feeding from back door on the frame (oranother top door) is convenient for continuous process operation in a production line. The mixing chamber is able to turn forward by 140 around the front rotors to discharge and is easy for changing pigments and cleaning the chamber.6).Programmable logic controller (PLC) is adopted in theelectric-control system.?7).We also can according to customers' requirement, and design the non-standard model of plate vulcanizerTechnical Requirements/ModelXLB1000?1000?2QXLB1200?1200?2QXLB1400?1500?1QXLB1200?2700?2QXLB1600?6000?1QXLBE-Q1200?1200XLBE-Q1600?1500Nominal mould clamping force (MN)2.53.1557.5243.155Hot plate spacing (mm)200300450300400450450Number of hot plate working layers2212111Pressure in unit area of hot plate Mpa2.502.192.382.312.502.192.08Plunger stroke (mm)400400400400400400400Heating modeSteam/oilSteam/oilSteam/oilSteam/oilSteamSteam/oilSteam/oilMain motor power (kW)5.55.51118.5261111Overall dimensions: L*W*H (mm)1490?1000?25101835?1200?26002150?1500?29001780?2890?28006300?2500?32001200?1800?21401500?2400?2600Structure formFrame typeFrame typeFrame typeFrame typeFrame typeJaw typeJaw typeTechnical Requirements/ModelXLB240?240?2XLB350?350?2XLB400?400?2XLB500?500?2XLB600?600?2/4XLB700?700?2XLB750?850?2/4XLB900?900?2QNominal mould clamping force (MN) plate spacing (mm)125125125125125125200300Number of hot plate working layers22222-422-42Pressure in unit area of hot plate Mpa2.602.043.132.522.772.452.512.47Plunger stroke (mm)250250250250250/400250400400Heating modeElectricElectricElectric/SteamElectric/SteamElectric/SteamSteamElectric/SteamSteamMain motor power (kW) dimensions: L*W*H (mm)1200?350?13001400?480?13801600?500?14801750?600?15401880?720?16802000?850?17502250?1200?22001400?900?2400Structure formPlunger typePlunger typePlunger typePlunger typePlunger typePlunger typeFrame typeFrame type